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The biggest French Event about
Email Marketing


To discover the latest trends in email marketing.


To chat over a drink with the best French emailing experts.


To train you in good emailing practices through sharing of concrete experiences.


This unique event dedicated to the most important digital lever allows you to meet all the major players in this market during these 2 days of conference and networking.

The choice of speakers and the networking sessions make EMDAY an unmissable event.

The welcome, the chosen locations, the organizing team and the moments of relaxation enhance everything.

Jérôme de Lempedes - Prisma Média

It's quite simply THE event concerning email marketing in France. It's the only one (first of all) and it's also of great quality! You have to register with your eyes closed, and as quickly as possible!

Thomas Defossez - Badsender

As a digital marketing manager for a large NGO, I didn't know if this event would bring me anything. It was ultimately a very good choice! Conferences and interviews allow you to make contacts and good ideas; and we are always edified by the exchanges on more specialized subjects which are aimed more at email service providers.

Mikaël Janssens - Handicap International

The only event that I know of that talks about emails and only emails with specialists, quality conferences that cover important topics and in a friendly atmosphere.

Lydie Rodrigues - Air France

EMDay is a necessary event in the world of marketing days where we can really interact with all the stakeholders in the profession.

Jean-Philippe Godement - Webedia

EMDay is the only Email Marketing meeting in France. You absolutely should not miss it, especially given the quality of the conferences, the user-friendliness and the seriousness of the site.

Franck Lefebvre - Nordnet

A unique event of exceptional quality! Both the location and the quality of the conferences and the expertise of the speakers... everything comes together to learn as much as possible in a minimum of time, and to meet great people!

Kelly Friederich - Würth

EMDay 2019 : une édition *****, un événement à vivre au moins une fois dans une vie de marketeur !

Isabelle Girault-Barranger - OPPBTP

Brilliant event with quality speakers and themes. Really very good, I will come back!

Natalia Laurency - Homair

The ideal place to meet passionate and exciting people. A 2-day dive into the heart of the email marketing community: not to be missed.

Karine Weber - Ouest France Multimédia

High-level workshops, open-air sessions, discoveries of new trends and lots of great encounters!

Vincent Stangret - Packeos

In the space of 2 days, the entire email marketing ecosystem was available 24 hours a day. The useful and the pleasant, EMDay saved me months in my goals.

An incredible time with great people.

Stéphane Couleaud - Webmecanik

The best meeting of the year to level up your email marketing skills! Beautiful places, beautiful conferences, great encounters... Don't hesitate to take the plunge!

Axel Polge - Hager

I discovered a very open and welcoming community, made up of seasoned professionals eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

Romain Bessugues Meusy - Axeptio

An unmissable event for email marketing enthusiasts, but also for any web aficionado in general. Informal conversations with participants are as exciting as lectures.

Xavier Ferrandi - Editions Burda

As a junior in emailing, this event once again confirmed my desire to evolve in this field. I had the opportunity to meet the 'GOATs' of the industry and above all I left with lots of Tips 😏

Yolande Agblevon - Webedia

They have also already come to EMDay

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En gros, tout l'écosystème de l'email marketing :

routeurs, fai, annonceurs, agences, consultants, blogueurs, éditeurs de base de données​


What does EMDay LOOK LIKE?

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