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In 2024, EMDay travels to Brittany to discover new horizons

The first information

For this 11th edition, participants will meet in the heart of Rennes to discover a place full of history: Le Couvent des Jacobins.

The event will be held in the historic part of the building.

This new edition will be the occasion for a new format including more workshops and conferences.


The first day will start at 2 p.m. and will be dedicated to workshops. There will be no less than 32 workshops, some of which will have several slots, to allow each participant to see as much as possible!

This first day will be followed by an EMDAY Evening in Rennes, in a still undisclosed location, dedicated to conviviality and networking.

Finally, the second day will be dedicated to conferences and advice workshops. So that everyone leaves with the information they want, we have decided to set up 2 conference rooms for a total of 16 conferences, complete with networking breaks and a table lunch on site!


This year, the themes covered will be, in disorder:

  • Delivery

  • Marketing Automation

  • B2B

  • Acquisition

  • Loyalty

  • Newsletter

  • eCommerce

  • Data/CRM

  • Legal

  • IA

  • Email Design

  • ... 

Key figures

pampered participants
Workshops & Keynotes

Les SPEAKERS et le programme 2024

Une peu de patience... ça va venir !!!

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